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Wonderful Words from Dr. Weil

It was said during a forgiveness meditation…
I find these words profound on so many levels:
“In giving it up, you are freeing yourself.”
I gave up the attachment to my physical form and I freed myself.

You MUST Unlearn

I learned something very important in the last several months: You are NOT your health condition! Alright… to be truthful, I never believed that I was, but the discovery I made is related to this factor of identification. I DO NOT consider myself to be a sick person at all. I don’t even identify with [...]

The Law of Probabilities

“I teach something called The Law of Probabilities, which says the more things you try, the more likely one of them will work. The more books you read, the more likely one of them will have an answer to a question that could solve the major problems of your life.. make you wealthier, solve a [...]

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