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Bodies, Brains, and Egos… OH MY!

Dr. James Hardt is the BRAIN MAN. He explains that we only have an experience when we have the proper brain waves. When we change our brain waves we change our experience. The brain is a bio electro chemical magneto organism! Unless we can perceive it in our brain, it doesn’t actually exist.
5 hindrances [...]

Despair and Redemption

Yesterday I had a “moment” in the heat on the way to my physiotherapy appointment. I phoned into the office to ask for assistance as I sat by my car in tears. The session itself was wonderful once I actually got inside, but some unpalatable thoughts did enter my mind as I sat on the [...]


Meditation. I love going to lunch time meditations. It’s a beautiful break in the day, a time to clear everything from my mind and just “BE”.I floated out of there and promptly took a spill on the street. I’m not sure which hurt more – my knees or my Ego. Frankly, they both hurt. [...]


I used to think that I had beautiful legs. Many people (especially men) openly agreed with me. I wore long pants for my physiotherapy session yesterday for a reason. My legs look like I am in an abusive relationship or am engaging in some interesting S&M practices. Alas, my reasons are much less interesting. I [...]


I didn’t plan on celebrating a birthday this way… with a new cane. Yesterday, following my grandmother’s funeral, my sister and her husband assisted me in the selection of a new walking device so that I could return the one i had previously borrowed. At the moment of purchase, I simply felt grateful. Sitting back [...]