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The Journey Has Started

Happy 2014.

1. Hippocrates Life Change Program:
2. Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Weldon protocol):
3. Wahls protocol
4. Pain medication for neuropathy
5. The rebuilder:
#1 is going to be 99 % enjoyment and excitement… and peace #2 does not have a mood attached – well, perhaps interest and hope. #3 is scientifically proven. #4 is anticipated. #5 [...]

Life in the PRESENT but looking forward to 2014!

Forgiving Myself

- The person I have to forgive is myself – they did NOTHING
- I made the choice to go to Florida and it affected my health
- I am responsible for 2 extra plane tickets to BC – this is right
- I forgive myself and let go of the misplaced anger within me

Eat the Light

It is time to integrate AGAIN. One month dedicated to the body – with a bit of spirit intention and awareness and one month dedicated to the power of the mind. Now, it is time to bring everything together and really allow the spirit out to play…AGAIN. I was looking for a profound experience last [...]

Spirit is IN ME!


It really became obvious as of late that I have become a human “DO”ing instead of a human “BE”ing. I looked at my lists upon lists, TODOs, and “ticky-box” items and said ENOUGH for awhile. Could I take a week and only accomplish things on a body-spirit level, leaving the mind out of it? [...]


Today I finally feel as though there is hope for me in this vast medical wasteland… the Endocrinologist has referred me for a plethora of tests and I FINALLY feel as though I might find some answers in this treasure hunt for health. I’m hoping for an Easter egg!

How I Plan to Heal

Ontario’s Health Care System

Endocrinologist: May
Neurologist: November