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Travelling the Path at Hippocrates

I have drank more wheatgrass than I ever imagined but should have anticipated. It has been placed in strange and unspeakable places of which I shall not speak. The green juice is GREEN but made slightly more palatable by adding ginger. I am still dubious about the food but I am learning. It isn’t at [...]

Seduction of Planning

Break the cycle of stress


Back from the International Taoist Tai Centre for 3 weeks and then returning to my “home away from home” for another Health Recovery Week. True connections were certainly made! We are never alone in the challenges that we face.

To Be Awakened

The body is just the case. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn this truth. It definitely gives a person more to marinate on regarding their own life as the nucleus, radiating out to the lives of others near and dear.

Pain is Fuel

From Stressed to Blessed
Panache explains that stress is our ally; pain is the fuel that forces the transformation. I have always been looking for something wrong yet it never occurred to me to “befriend the enemy.” It’s an interesting concept. In doing so, I have definitely been experiencing (and I believe displaying) an authentic vulnerability. [...]

Our Soul is the Student in Us

Our soul is the student in us… what beautiful words spoken with Sonia Choquette on Healing with the Masters. I have always felt this way; I am not my body – I am a soul. It has a history and a direct connection to the one source, our timeless divine light. Our frequency here on [...]

We Don’t Understand What We Are Going Through

There is a reason for all of this, Guy tells us. What are our worries and fears for? Lessons certainly do come on the backs of events. When we resist a moment, we believe we are trying to separate ourselves from it and then we have negative attraction. The real problem is that we [...]


After live streaming the I Can Do It conference last weekend, it was inevitable that I would have experienced profound change in my thought processes. Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton are men I greatly admire for their work in bridging science and spirituality. It doesn’t matter what the condition of our bodies is; it’s [...]

John of God

On October 3rd, my husband and I paid a visit to The Omega Institute in New York to be seen by the healer John of God. I have to admit, when we first arrived and saw the hundreds of people milling about dressed in white, I briefly wondered where the “killer kool-aid” was. [*insert wry [...]